rustic barn wedding sunset portraits

bride and groom take a stroll as the sun sets at Donington Park farmhouse, rustic barn wedding

Amy & Nathan’s Rustic Barn Wedding

rustic barn wedding sunset portraits

Rustic Barn Wedding – Donington Park Farmhouse 

Couples come across my work in such a wide variety of ways and I’m always interested to find out how they do. When Amy & Nathan first got in contact with me they told me that they had booked their Rustic Barn Wedding at Donington Park Farmhouse after reading one of my blogs from a wedding I’d done there. It was the first venue they’d seen and they booked it straight away. Things like this make me have a good feeling about a couple, that we would get along and that their wedding would be right up my street – and it was certainly proved to be the case on their wedding day! I think I may (!) have mentioned before that I absolutely love Park Farmhouse. From a photographer’s point of view there are so many different backdrops and scenes that can be used to take stunning photographs and from a personal point, I have the happy memories of when my wife and I got married there nearly 10 years ago. 

When I arrived at Park Farmhouse the bridal preparations were already in full swing. These can often be very emotional times and this was certainly the case for personal reasons for Amy, surrounded by close family and friends. Having said that, the bridal party were definitely up for a lot of fun during the morning – I’m not sure I’ve had quite so many selfies to capture, and be part of, as I did that morning!! I love the set of photos that document this! Meanwhile, across the barn courtyard, Nathen and fellow groomsmen seemed to spend more time without clothes on but equally, lots of fun was had. With all the hair, makeup, dresses, shoes and men finally dressed, it was time for Amy & Nathan’s Rustic Barn Wedding. I can’t imagine how anyone can walk into the barn wedding setting and fail to be impressed and moved – the fairylights, exposed brickwork and then the additional touches that Amy & Nathan had added just made it such a romantic place for a wedding!

It’s safe to say that the wedding ceremony was incredibly emotional, heartwarming and touching. There were vows exchanged, promises made, tears shed, and just so much love in the room you could almost touch it. It seemed to pass by in a flash and then there they were, Mr & Mrs Cobb walking down the aisle to be met with mojitos as their celebratory drink. As their guests followed them out from their barn wedding to enjoy the outside space that Park Farmhouse offers. With group photographs, confetti fun and drinks finished it was time for the receiving line – a tradition that I’m seeing less and less now at weddings but I do like them. From personal experience, it’s one of the only ways you can make sure that you speak to all your guests at your wedding! Amy & Nathan wanted a relaxed feel to their wedding and their guests certainly help this happen. Not sure I’ve ever been to a wedding where Mexican waves spread through the tables before the food comes out but it definitely whipped up the atmosphere and got the party started! I’m pretty sure that such Paul Ace (who is a wedding singer from Derby) had a massive help with this entertaining everyone with his awesome singing. I’m running out of adjectives to describe how emotional the day was but the speeches were just beautiful. More tears, lots of laughter and a real feeling of togetherness and friendship emanated from everyone.  

And from that moment on, the party just rocked! Amy & Nathan opened the dance floor with their first dance, back in the barn illuminated by their initials. It wasn’t long before everyone was on there dancing away, with Paul Ace again providing some top tunes and everyone playing with the balloon confetti. With the weather being so lovely I was able to steal Amy & Nathan away from their guests for a couple of quick sunset portrait sessions in-between the important events. I always to prefer to do this rather than whisking them away for hours on end and guests not getting to spend time with them. When I had met with them back in June they had admitted to feeling quite nervous about having their photographs done although I think chatting together made them realise that I wasn’t going to make them do anything they didn’t want to do!! I love the photos that we took during the evening and I really hope you guys do too 🙂 

Amy & Nathan had been very clear that they wanted their wedding day to be intimate, informal and more like a party than anything else and I think they definitely achieved this – the Mexican waves, the bouncing dance floor and beer pong games attested to this! I’ve lost count of how many weddings I’ve captured now but they never ever cease to make me feel so honoured to be part of a couple’s happy day. It always amazes me how each wedding, whilst essentially following the same format, can be so individual and unique. But I’ve worked out why that is, and it’s because of the people. The people surrounding the couple, wishing them all the best for their future, all united in their hope and expectation for happiness for the newlyweds for many, many years to come. And that’s not just the people who are there on the day, but the people who are shining brightly in the stars for the couple. Congratulations Amy & Nathan, it was an absolute pleasure to be a part of your celebrations.

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Venue – Donington Park Farmhouse

Hair- Hair by Charlotte Leigh

Make up – Maxine Holland 

Florist – Avant Garden 

Rings – Brides: Mum’s Wedding ring. Groom: H M Samuel 

Dress- Shop: La Belle Boutique. Designer: Sottero & Midgley

Suits- Mark Darcy 

Shoes- Irregular Choice 

Transport – Bride’s Sister’s VW 

Cake – Louisa Bella Cake Company 

Photo Booth – Snap Candy Booths

Invites / Wedding Stationary – Rocket Monkey Design

Singer – Paul Ace

Light up Initials – Distinct Events Solutions Ltd

Rustic Barn Wedding Photography – Gareth Newstead Photography


  1. Absolutely fantastic as always! Such a beautiful day, full of laughter and entertainment from Amy, Nathan and their family and friends from beginning to end.
    And of course, it is always a pleasure when we see Gareth’s smiling face here at Park Farmhouse the morning of a wedding!

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