Emily & Ben Wedding Photography Highlights

Photography Highlights From The Wedding Of Emily & Ben At The Stunning Nottingham University - Such An Incredible Day.

So excited to share this amazing wedding, when I first met up with Emily at the enquiry stage I knew it would be a great wedding day. Both Emily & Ben are Geography teachers and met at Nottingham University hence one of the reasons for them to go back there for the wedding celebrations. (on a side note, after the speeches we found out that a lot of other people in there family met and got together at the very same university!) So geography and travel was very much the theme of the day and they had a lot of great details imcluding one of the best table plans i’ve seen (a world map with each table named after somewhere they had been that was important to them in the relationship), a lot of the stationary, signs and presentation was from Pretty Little Cards. Ben being extremely thoughtful ensured he kicked off married life on the right foot, sent Emily some flowers, a card and a beautiful framed map of where they got together in the shape of a heart, arhhh good work Ben massive husband points!! 

So Emily and her gorgeous bridesmaids started by having there hair done at The Hair Boutique, were a great team ensured that the girls had lots of fun whilst also making them look even more stunning! Emily’s make up artist Rachel Savine also met her there to make things as easy as possible and also ensured Emily looked really natural too.  Meanwhile my 2nd photographer Danni spent the morning documenting the boys getting ready and enjoying a beer or 2 to help calm the nerves or simple cool down on what was a scorching day.

I then followed the girls back to Emily’s house for the finishing touches of the bridal preparations and managed to capture Emily’s mum helping her with her super sexy wedding dress from Beautiful brides in Nottingham and stunning Rainbow wedding shoes. Her mum was so excited to share the day with Emily and I always feel so privileged to be there during these moments and document all these amazing emotional moments.

So they grabbed their amazing flowers provided by Floral Deco and on to the church we went, and I was soo happy to be in the right place at the right time and witness Emily’s Dad stopping her to take a quick moment and make sure she was okay and ready for the ceremony! Love my job!  And the light in the church was incredible,  the sun was literally beaming down on a single spot exactly where the priest and Emily and Ben were standing! So after the world’s longest confetti gauntlet for the newlyweds outside the church, we headed to Nottingham University and spent a little while walking round the grounds to get some lovely natural portraits of the two of them. Now like nearly all of the clients that book me Emily & Ben had both said they were feeling anxious about posing for the photos, and like nearly all of the clients that book me they completely relaxed and absolutely nailed it, getting some great natural moments to remember the day forever in a place that meant so much to them. 

The rest of the day and evening were so much fun, some amazing speeches, harry potter themed studio photo-booth combined with lots of my silly props, awesome live band and just an epic dance floor with lighting provided by GC Events (who I’ve bumped into a few times now, shows how popular they are, get them booked!!) that was jumping straight after the first dance!! All in all a pretty epic wedding day to photograph!!

If you like what you see, and are getting married soon or know someone that is then don’t hesitate too get in touch today to request my full wedding brochure & price list. Here’s a slideshow with some highlights from the day to bring back all the memories. The full gallery link is below.