As chief enquiry responder (that’s a real job title isn’t it?!), I thought I would just put together some of the most FAQs to help you with your wedding planning and photography decision. There is no stupid question, we’ve been asked it all we promise!


Why chose me?

  • A family friend has a fairly decent camera, why should we bother to pay for a wedding photographer?

    Of course, if you know someone who has a decent camera that can be a great option, but having an expensive piece of kit doesn’t always make you a professional. Having a mega expensive car doesn’t make you an awesome driver after all. If you are wanting a simple record of the ceremony and reception then a family friend could be the option for you, or if you’re lucky enough and they’re experienced in wedding photography then by all means, ask them for a favour (Gareth has been the photographer for his sister and several of his mates, and he LOVES doing it!) However, if you want photographs that will tell the story of the day, capturing meaningful and intimate moments, as well as capturing some creative wow shots then I would highly recommend booking a photographer whose portfolio matches your vision.

  • I hate having my photograph taken, I’m worried that having a photographer will make me feel awkward during the day?

    If we had a penny every time a bride /groom /mother-of-the-bride told us that they hated having their photograph taken we would be millionaires! Funnily enough, it’s normally them who are twerking in front of the camera by the end of the night!! No, seriously we get that it can feel strange and awkward in front of the camera but Gareth is as unobtrusive as possible, and if you read his testimonials we always receive feedback about how relaxed he made them feel and how much fun the whole experience was.

  • What’s your favourite type of wedding to shoot?

    Oooh that’s a tough question to answer. Gareth has shot at so many different types of weddings and comes back buzzing from them all but I think it’s definitely the couple and the guests that make any wedding. Any wedding which is a little bit unique, where the couple are crazy about each other and all the guests are having fun and up for a laugh is an absolute blast to capture.


  • Can we meet you first?

    Absolutely! Gareth promises me it’s not just his love of coffee and cake that he always prefers to meet up with clients before you book! We would always recommend meeting up before the wedding day or even booking an engagement shoot, which is a great time to try out different things (and usually realise how much fun it can be). A meeting is a great way to make sure Gareth’s personality matches with you guys – he spends a lot of time with you on your wedding day and having someone who you like taking your photos is the best way to getting awesome shots!

  • Can I customise the package?

    You certainly can! Our pricing is on the website but for any slightly more unusual requirements or different lengths of shoots we can just have a chat and we always work something out for clients!

  • How do we book you?

    Just get in contact – send us an email, fill in our contact form on the website or give us a call, we’re looking forward to hearing from you soon. We ask for a £300 deposit to secure the date and then the balance paid 30 days before your wedding date (don’t worry, we will send you a reminder, we know how much there is to organise for a wedding!)

On the day

  • What time would you start?

    What time do you want Gareth to start? He is totally flexible on start times, you just decide when and where and he will be there!

  • Do you tell us what photographs to have?

    Yes and no. The majority of the day is capturing natural documentary style photography so you can remember your day exactly how it happened, rather than it being staged. We are more than happy to suggest a list of ‘usual’ group shots, but if you don’t want any formal photography, or you want every combination of guests captured then Gareth is more than happy (although if you prefer the latter then we recommend choosing some ushers who are good at organising and public speaking!) This is something you can have a chat with Gareth before your wedding so he is clear what your ‘unmissable’ photos are.

  • It is forecast rain on our wedding day – are our photographs doomed?

    Rain? Bring it on! Let’s grab some wellies and get some epic rain shots! Rain doesn’t put Gareth off in the slightest so if you’re up for getting a bit wet then he will capture some awesome shots outside. If you would prefer to stay in the warm and dry Gareth loves using lighting and unusual angles to create a variety of impact shots using your wedding venue. We got married in August and it was cold and rainy the WHOLE day, so when we say Gareth is prepared for rain, we really do mean at any time of year!! (and, just to put your mind at ease, our wedding photos weren’t spoiled AT ALL by the lack of blue skies and sunshine!!)

  • What happens if our wedding overruns?

    It’s ok, I’ve learned not to wait up for Gareth when he says he will be home by 9 from a wedding!! He’s always late home! You will have already established a duration you’ve booked for Gareth but we know how weddings rarely run to schedule (kudos to the bride who arranges a wedding which does!!) and Gareth is not going to leave before all your important moments have happened! If you know that the ten-hour package is definitely not going to be enough then we can ensure that your package includes extra coverage.

To put your mind at ease

  • Spare equipment

    Gareth always uses two high-end Canon cameras for weddings so he’s never without a spare. And to be extra sure, he’s got a 3rd back up in his car just in case!! He carries a full range of lenses for capturing all the different types of shots you may want and a full lighting set too. He’s got enough batteries to sink a battle ship (although he NEVER has the right ones that the kids need for their toys!!) and always brings plenty of memory cards to each wedding. You name it, he’s got it (on his ‘oh-so-cool’ utility belt!!), and a spare one too just in case!!

  • Illness

    Gareth would literally have to be on death’s door to have to miss a wedding (he’s one of those really annoying super-fit people who never seem to get poorly and ALWAYS seem to have more energy than should be allowed!!!) but he takes his commitment to his couples very seriously. He’s got a network of photographer friends (I tune out when they start talking shop…… #camerageeks!) who would always pull together to make sure any wedding is covered to the standard that has been promised.

  • Insurance

    Gareth is fully covered with indemnity insurance as well as public liability insurance too….can’t really think of anything else I can add to make this answer humorous or witty…..!!

Process after the wedding

  • When will we get our photographs?

    We usually say between 6-10 weeks after your wedding but it does depend on the time of year. We always keep in touch with our couples though so you know an expected time frame. Gareth will always select a few images as a preview to share with you via social media (with your permission obviously!) in the days after your wedding so you get a glimpse of what to expect very quickly!

  • What do we get?

    Depending on what package you’ve gone for, the Diamond option gives you all your images in an online gallery for you to download, and you will also receive them on a personalised USB stick in a wooden presentation box with a selection of 6×4 prints. I also now include a photo slideshow set to fully licensed music to relive all the highlights from your day.

  • Do you do albums?

    Yep! Get in touch with us if you want us to design and make your album for you. We can have a meeting where you can look through the options. It’s your album, so you choose the images, the number of spreads and we send you the design for you to approve before it’s sent to the printers. They start from £350 for a professional lay flat 8×8 album, however, if you add it on to your package at the time of booking you get a £150 discount.