gareth newstead 2016 wedding photography highlights

2016 – What A Year – All the I do’s, moments, laughs, tears, wows and mainly bloody good times!!!

Where do I start?! What a year 2016 was for me, it seems like it went by in a flash but putting this blog post together has made me realise how much I have managed to cram in to 365 (oops 366) days! Looking through all my weddings was like looking through a family album of my own, you guys really are all awesome and I love my job more and more all the time because of the amazing people I get to meet, hang out with and party with into the night – I genuinely can’t think of a better job!!

Every wedding I’ve been to has been unique, incredible, emotional, passionate, fun….and it’s all thanks to the wonderful couples that have put their faith in me to capture the best day of their lives. So I wanted to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you. To all the beautiful brides and handsome grooms, to all the bridesmaids, best men, ushers, mums and dads for the tears, vicars, priests, registrars, hairdressers, make up artists, florists, and cake makers…..bringing a wedding together is a massive team effort and I absolutely LOVE being part of that team!

And a HUGE shout out to all the amazing venues that I have worked with in 2016, you work tirelessly to provide the best service for your couples and I feel lucky to live in a country where there really is an endless list of amazing venues just round the corner from everyone in every style and set up you could possibly ever desire.

And yes, I realise it’s the middle of March 2017 and I’m possibly the last photographer in the country to be sharing my 2016 highlights but it’s taken me this long to select my absolute faves, it’s so hard to not include them all because I love all my couples so much and every wedding has such a personal connection to me to being there and sharing all the incredible moments! I’ve also been busy developing my new website which is now ready to be launched so sit back, relax and enjoy my highlights and then head on over to my home page to have a look through my new site!

Thanks again to all the couples and their guests for having me tag along on their wedding days, 2016 has been one hell of a ride and thanks to all my future couples 2017 is only going to get better, turn it up loud!!


  1. Gina Waldron says:

    absolutely awesome Gareth, I am proud you are my nephew, your photography is amazing. Love you lots Gina xxxx

  2. Terri Turner says:

    You are literally fantastic my inspiration, and I’m so greatful for you going above and beyond any other photographer ever has for our day…
    Every time I look at the photographs I re-live the day, you done that…fabulous!!!
    We love you
    Thanks Gareth xxxxxx

  3. Stacey crompton says:

    I would just like to say we couldt of picked a better photographer Gareth made our day so special and his work is by far the best iv seen a huge thanks again Gareth from paul and stacey crompton ?

  4. Rachael and Rikki Colman says:

    What a fantastic slideshow Gareth!
    Yet another example of you going the extra mile.
    We couldn’t have chosen a better photographer. Such a fun, genuine guy. Your slideshow just goes to show what an amazing talent and skills you have in capturing everyone’s special, beautiful moments. What a 2016!
    ?? As always from us, Rik and Rach xxx

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