Ashby Castle Wedding – Rebecca & Elliott Wedding Photography

When I first started up Gareth Newstead Photography, I always wanted to capture the day as it happens and produce pictures that tell a story through my wedding Photography, rather than structuring too many shots which can sometimes interrupt the flow of the day. That’s still very much the case and probably happens throughout 90% of the wedding day but one of my other passions is to try and produce something that’s a bit different and creative. This probably originates from my Fine Art roots during A-levels and Photographic college courses, and I’ve always loved to be creative and try different techniques for producing something original. Currently one of my favourite things is to do is create an image that is inventive and unique at each wedding with a little bit of a wow factor. I always have loads of ideas, love to experiment with flash and natural light but it’s also awesome when clients suggest something that they really fancy too.

Thankfully Rebecca and Elliott felt my style fitted their requirements perfectly. For the vast majority of the day, we spent it capturing the day in an authentic photojournalistic way. From the anticipation at St Helen’s Church before Rebecca arrived, to the nerves and emotions of the father of the bride at the top of the aisle, to the look on Elliot’s face when he first saw Rebecca walking towards him. From selfies of me and the vicar with the newlyweds photobombing, some crazy windy group shots, confetti being stuffed down the wedding dress by grandmas and much much more! Rebecca & Elliott and their guests were fantastic to photograph, allowing me to capture the ambience and uniqueness of their wedding day in not just a relaxed way but also fun too. Ashby Castle gave us so much scope for dramatic backgrounds and inventive shots – a wedding photographer’s dream and both Rebecca & Elliott and all the wedding party got really into creating some cool pictures whilst having a bit of fun at the same time!

It was only towards the end of the night when I was chatting to the bride and groom that they mentioned how they had really wanted a composite shot that they had seen of mine and that they were disappointed they didn’t have a venue with the space that would suit that type of photograph. Never one to be deterred, (and luckily with some willing bridesmaids and groomsmen!) I suggested that we could have a go at doing it outside and I couldn’t be more pleased with the finished shot. Special thanks to Rebecca’s mum for being my amazing lighting assistant too!!

Whether I am travelling to weddings in Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire or even further afield, some people might think that attending wedding after wedding makes you numb to the emotions, the moments, the passion but if anything I have found it is the opposite. I am so used to the Big Moments, and because I am used to them, these don’t overshadow the other Just As Important Moments – ones that cannot be defined, or written down in a go-to list, as they are moments that just happen. And that’s what I love about weddings. They are planned to intricate detail, with often spectacular results, but it is often something coincidental or unexpected that creates the Wow Moment.

The more weddings I do, the more involved I feel. I’d rather not be thought of as a wedding photographer; someone controlling the shots, creating memories with no regard for the moment – instead, I want to fit in with your wedding day, almost just as a guest who has a passion (and talent!) for photography. I always feel like I have done my job when I receive reviews that mention feeling more like a friend than a photographer. Every couple and every day are unique and it’s my job to convey that in your wedding photography. If you like my style of nature storytelling wedding photography but with a creative twist and would like me to capture your wedding then get in touch here, thanks Gareth Newstead Photography

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