english country garden wedding photography

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Emma & Helen’s beautiful wedding day – English Country Garden wedding photography

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country garden wedding photography

Helen & Emma’s wonderful English Country Garden wedding photography 

What an amazing day this was! The sun shone, the guests were awesome and Helen & Emma had planned such a chilled out, informal day and it was such a pleasure to attend and capture it all for them. It was such a unique wedding and unlike any I’ve been to before, they did everything exactly how they wanted to and not what dated traditions say we should. When I arrived at Helen’s mums’ house (amazing host), where the reception was going to be held later on, it was already beautifully decorated by the couple’s friends and family, with balloons, bunting and other decorations which instantly made the morning prep feel even more exciting than usual! Helen & Emma were both getting ready there but in separate rooms and once ready I lead Helen out to the garden with both ladies closing their eyes for a first look which was so sweet. Even the dogs got in on the act to have a sneaky peek at them both in their gorgeous dresses before they headed off to the ceremony venue. The look on both their faces when they opened their eyes was awesome, and actually made me think that more couples should do it to really take it in before the ceremony, it was SUCH a special moment for them both…and for their dogs!

I then jumped into their Campervan with them, and Chauffered by Emma’s very proud dad we headed off to the aptly named ‘Chapel on the Hill’, which looked absolutely stunning in the sunshine. Another first for me was to get s few portraits of the gorgeous girls while we waited for the guests to arrive before the ceremony!! never done that before! Helen & Emma had decided to make their wedding ‘unplugged’ which meant that everyone there was completely present, rather than watching the ceremony through the screen of their phone – another great idea by the couple! The service was incredibly beautiful and full of emotion, with readings done by guests and vows exchanged between the happy couple. The sun was still shining brightly when Helen & Emma walked out through the confetti tunnel, cheered on by their friends and family. Helen & Emma had arranged for a vintage bus to take them and their guests back to the house for the festivities to start so everyone piled on, drank prosecco, and headed back for the party!

With all the guests off the bus, their best woman Rachel, announced “The Harrisons” and Helen & Emma walked in to rapturous applause and plenty of whooping! Every guests’ need was catered for, from street food and drinks from a horse-box (yes really!) to a photo booth and a fire pit for the evening, it really just was simply a fab party! Speeches were done on the front porch, with plenty of tears and laughter, and so much love, and the afternoon couldn’t have given me more opportunity to capture traditionally country garden wedding photography. Then the day slipped into the evening and the night was partied away. 

Helen & Emma, your wedding day was amazing, you did it the way you two wanted and hosted one of the best after parties! You are surrounded by loving family and friends and with that, and the love you have for each other, you are sure to have a lifetime of happiness together. Congratulations, and thanks for inviting me along!

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Venue – The Chapel on the Hill

Florist – The Flower Plant

Food – MYO

Drinks – Boxed Drinks

Country garden wedding photography – Gareth Newstead Photography

country garden wedding photography

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