2017 wedding photography highlights

2017 wedding photography highlights

Gareth Newstead Photography wedding highlights

Just when I thought I couldn’t love my job any more..!

I genuinely, GENUINELY didn’t think that my job could get better. And then up pops another year and absolutely smashes the previous one out of the park. I have been busier than ever so it’s lucky I frickin’ love my couples! Looking back through the year I honestly can vividly remember details from every single wedding, the couples’ awesome friends and family and how, rather cliche-like, I really do feel like I’ve attended over 40 weddings of close friends!

In all seriousness I want to take this opportunity to thank every single one of my couples who have booked and invited me along for the Best Day of their Lives – it’s been an absolute honour and pleasure to share your awesome days! And a big shout out to all the suppliers who I have worked with – it really is a team effort to pull off the spectacular weddings that I have attended last year and I have had the opportunity to work alongside some of the most talented people (and not all of them hide every time I point my camera at them!) Having been to loads of new awesome venues and been invited back to some of the most amazing venues time and again I am SO glad that I live in the mighty Midlands – you couples really are spoilt for choice round here!

So, here are my personal highlights. It’s been full of laughter, love, emotion and my couples are literally the best! Make it full screen, turn it up loud and enjoy the memories – and if I’m coming to your wedding this year, I can’t bloody wait!!



  1. Georgia Freeman says:

    Absolutely incredible! You captured our special day perfectly can’t thank you enough Gareth. X

  2. Fantastic work Gareth as per usual, look forward to you photographing at my friends Matt & Leanne’s wedding in a few weeks no pressure Ha Ha
    Seriously I’m so glad you are doing it should be a great day. Cheers Chris.

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