The Glade wedding photography black and white bride and groom

Bride and groom walking through the woods. The Glade Wedding Photography

Laura & Phil – The Glade Wedding Photography

The Glade Wedding Photography

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The Glade Wedding Photography

Rosliston Forestry Centre – The Glade Wedding Photography

I have been desperate to capture a wedding at The Glade Wedding Venue so I was thrilled when Laura & Phil asked me to capture their wedding there in July. It’s true, the weather was far from perfect but, having had a cold and rainy August wedding myself, I knew that it wouldn’t make a blind bit of difference to the happy couple once the day started, just look at the smiles on their faces throughlout the day! It was a very happy affair as I arrived to capture bridal prep, and why wouldn’t it be – Laura & Phil’s wedding wasn’t the only thing being celebrated, it was also one of the gorgeous flower girls’ 4th birthday! I think it’s fair to say that the flower girls absolutely LOVED the twirliness of their beautiful dresses – it’s a good job there was plenty of space for spinning! When Laura was ready – looking absolutely stunning in her gorgeous dress – it was time for the brollies to come out, and the family made the quick dash to the posh cars waiting for them! 

The wedding ceremony was beautiful – Rangemore church is really pretty and the vicar was clearly very happy to be wedding Laura & Phil, his sermon was very funny! Haven’t come across many vicars who have a selfie with the bride and groom after the ceremony! With the rain still hammering down, we didn’t hang around outside the church (although some guests did manage to cover the newlyweds with confetti nonetheless!) and everyone headed over to The Glade Wedding Venue in Rosliston. The marquee space was plenty big enough to house everyone, which was a relief as the rain STILL wasn’t abating, and the catering staff made sure that no-one went hungry before the speeches. I really love the collection of photos from Laura & Phil’s speeches – the reactions from the top table are great, as are those from the guests too!

Miraculously the rain had decided to stop just for a little bit by that point so everyone made the most of getting some fresh air, and it was possible for some group shots and confetti shots to be taken. Laura & Phil also used the opportunity to have some times to themselves, having an explore through the beautiful surroundings that Rosliston Forestry Centre offers. By the time we headed back, the cake was ready to be cut, and the dance floor was cleared and ready for the happy couple. With good music and lots of sweets, it was definitely the case that the dancefloor was well used.

Just before I left, I took the opportunity to take a few shots of the married couple outside, in the dark and in the rain. If Laura & Phil had needed any convincing that rain definitely wasn’t going to stop play, hopefully the resulting photographs did just that – I certainly love them (you need to get one of them on a canvas guys!!!) Laura & Phil, your smiles and laughter throughout the day said it all – you are made for each other and I know you will have a lifetime of happiness together. Thank you so much for asking me to capture your fantastic day!

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  1. Chloe Simone MUA says:

    Tha is for the mention! Gorgeous photos as always, truly talented photographer. Captured the day perfectly and pleased to have worked with you again. Look forward to many more

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